Five Instagram Experiments to Try in 2019

Instagram marketing tips

In 2019, Instagram becomes more focus on the social media market and more and more brands and companies are hoping to take advantage of the rapid growth of social scene focused images.

However, there are many different ways to run Instagram as a business, brand, or personal agency. To help you get started, there are five Instagram attempts here, and you should consider improving Insta’s post-2019 activity.

  1. UGC re-use on Instagram

User Generated Content (WPL) is all embarrassing and has become a real opportunity to engage audiences at a more meaningful level. Indeed, UGC ads have a 4-fold CPC rate and a 50% CPC reduction.

Viewers feel more typical of seeing the WPL as it increases their participation. Trademarks that move non-stop and B2C and B2B between business roles are unclear, mainly because the company has received content from its user group as part of its brand.

Instagram is one of the easiest ways to use WPL to track your followers. Take, for example, Airbnb: they successfully use UGC successfully with existing customers and their re-published content (as described above). The housing market connects users directly with them or uses the #airbnb logo and asks for permission to use the feed in their feed.

  1. Get Live with Influential People

There is nothing reliable about your brand as a popular effect. The social impact of the media in 2019 is as important as in previous years. Live video is now widespread and everyone wants to have the ability to watch and connect in real time.

It is important to give a free license here to influence what they do best – affect people. It’s not like traditional marketing and there are no strict restrictions. Rather, users would be WPL, they want to see organic communication, so it’s better to let the influencers play freely.

  1. Have Visual Effects with Podcasts

All podcasts are small – now everyone seems to have one, including your cat. I really think the world should at some point release podcast formats and that’s a good reason: 64% of Americans are familiar with the “podcast” concept and now there are 630,000 different vodcasts available.

But how do you get podcasts and something else? The answer is a visual podcast, you think, Instagram.

Jeff Staple, the founder of visual communication company Staple Design, uses IGTV for the visual podcast. On the radio, the audience showed a small sample of the last interview and advertised it with some detailed animation. The viewer gets a clip and encourages them to watch the entire video.

  1. Improve Post Engagement with Motion Video

Freezing video can be a great way to create interesting and fun content with Instagram cameras.

It is also referred to as the cancellation of a video by holding the freezer at once while moving the physical part between the frames. When you play again, it creates an illusion.

Creating takes time, but with stop operations, the brand gives you the opportunity to play and create short, powerful videos that add fun to the cause. Fifty-five percent of people watch videos through social media without the importance of receiving messages.

  1. Instagram-Nametags with “old school” Techniques

Starting in 2019, more and more business methods are becoming an “old school” and the legacy of the heritage is over. Send a fax using a landline number – they all go to get to know the museum’s past.

But even in this new digital world, business card pressure is still high – last year, Instagram gave them new credibility. How can people click on the very important “Follow” button? This applies to Instagram Nametags.

Instagram Nametags is especially useful if you have a large clientele in business and online events. This feature allows you to create a scanned tag code that a new certificate can bring to your Instagram account with your application immediately.

Instagram Nametags is also customizable, which means you can customize it and let people promote your soda. You can even print them on a regular business card and give them a combination.

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