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Types of Information We Collect

We welcome your visit to our professional website. Visit this site and purchase services / products, you agree to comply with the following terms and conditions that apply to SeoServicesLand relationships and meet the following conditions.

The use of this site is subject to the following conditions.

  • The content of the general information and use website. We may reserve the right to change this without notice. SEOServicesLand has copyright to the content of the website and may not be copied, rewritten or copied in any other way for personal / public use.
  • The use of services / products on this site is on our own and we are not responsible for any liability. Your responsibility is to review information about services / packages that meet your needs.
  • The unauthorized use of the site may lead to serious damages claims.
  • If a customer requests to opt-out of a disagreeable keyword, SEOServicesLand agrees with customers that other keywords do not provide a guarantee.
  • SEOServicesLand agrees to keep all emails sponsored throughout the service life.
  • SEO ServicesLand agrees that if we try to cover some collateral, transactions outside these securities will not be guaranteed as part of search engine marketing services.
  • We share complete detail of backlinks with our customers, You don't need to pay extra money for this.
  • The customer agrees that the SEOServicesLand does not have a search engine or file. The Client understands that SEOServicesLand will not be returned if the search engine refuses to accept the customer’s website and pays for disclosed fees.
  • Due to the Google algorithm, we no longer guarantee future contacts. There must be some SeoServicesLand specific needs. These methods do not harm customers, their websites or their companies, if they are installed. However, SeoServicesLand is not responsible for bona fide posted sites, but search engines are badly considering it.
  • This agreement in this Recommendation is the sole agreement between SEOServicesLand and its clients and owners.

Any further work specified in the separate proposal will be evaluated or modified.


All pictures / materials must be provided by the customer. If the customer does not provide us with images / content, we assume that you are using images from the Internet. We try to use the pictures for free, but after sending, the client is responsible for viewing and submitting the job. Get in on if they think something changes, let us know and write to us right away. After sending a project, SeoServicesLand does not accept legal liability for copyright / trademark / criminal activity or for any reason. When concluding a contract, it is advisable to offer text / images and other content to ensure that the work is in accordance with the agreement and that both parties are suppressed.


If the tax is paid to customers from the source, should the customer submit a TDS certificate to SeoServicesLand? These taxes are specifically taxed for specialist services and are named separately. All such customers pay back / inactive.


If the customer completes the contract at the time of development / increase, this payment will not be refunded.


If there is a legal affair, the amount payable does not exceed the amount that the customer pays.