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Enhancing individual businesses and management is the primary goal of any business. Business growth and business growth go hand in hand. You can’t get apart. Many business owners, especially new businesses, believe that business and growth will start when sellers call. This business view is old and unsuccessful.

When an old operator is present, most of the means of communication are made online. Computers and smartphones can provide information and access to people around the clock. If your salespeople do not transmit their phone numbers via email, social media and search engine optimization and online, then you will not increase your business or soon.

The last phrase in the abbreviation SEO may have attracted your attention. What is the relationship between search engine optimization and potential customer and business development? In short, it’s a lot.

With the ease of using the Internet, users want to find information and answer their questions right away. The site offers content that contains information that users discover. However, there are millions of sites on the Internet and not all in the search results of websites. Only those who are considered the most suitable and trustworthy will appear. After all, users are keen on certain information so they don’t want to spend time reading the content of websites.

Here is search engine optimization or search engine optimization. Behind all user, Google search engine optimization index, or search engine search engine queries and data collection for every web site you publish. A bear shares a site that searches for keywords that match or relate to the words used in the user search. Search engine robots use the formula and then list specific pages in the search results the user sees.

Sites are important when marketing search engines. Every internet marketing company tries to bring its client’s website and website to the search results page # 1.

Why is the site important? Then it goes back to the previous 24/7 access point and people’s expectations about instant information and answers, first search results are read, and search results may be ignored on the following pages. After all, who clicks on many websites when their time is expensive and short?

By simply implementing good online marketing through website optimization, your website will have a greater chance of accessing one of these top sites by increasing your website and potential customers and customers.

Search Engine Optimization offers not only more traffic to your website, but also attracts good prospects that are of interest to your brand, product or service.

If SEO is an external concept for you, knowing where to start and what it can do, it can be overwhelming. Here are some simple SEO techniques that you can start to attract search engine robots and find more visible search results:

  • Use keywords

A good starting point for an SEO strategy is activating keywords. If you use your Google search console to set up your account, you can use the useful word tool to find specific industries or keywords, the keywords you want to target, and the content of your website site. And sort your keywords. When searching for keywords to target, look for keywords with low search volume as monthly searches. People with low search volume are not competitive, so your business has a better rating.

You can follow many keywords and short sentences, but others do the same. If you choose to target long-term keywords (keywords or phrases that contain more specific words), the potential of your site will increase and people who find and visit your site will likely find your website. Products or services of interest.

  • Write an attractive description of the lighting

Meta Description is one or two lines that appear under a clickable title. It briefly describes the content of this page. The description length has been extended from 160 characters to 300 characters. Evaluation is longer than this linkage, which should be avoided. Evaluation of the description is accurate and clear. They are also key to setting passwords. When writing the outline description, consider internet users and the issues they remember

  • Make your website responsive

More people surf the Internet on their smartphones than on their desktops or laptops. You may have noticed the difference in screen size between your smartphone and your computer. Websites that do not respond to mobile phones are compatible with desktops or laptops, but smartphone smartphones are not reduced. When a user uses a smartphone, the results are ugly and difficult to navigate on the website.

Search engines like Google don’t like Internet users’ dissatisfaction, and because mobile responses are very important to consumer users, it now uses a series of search box algorithms.

With a friendly mobile phone, the potential location of search engines and search results will not only respond, but you can also enjoy the enjoyment of website visitors.

  • Actively participate in Google Places

My Google Mobile (GMB) is a great way to sign up for online business online. Through GMB, the company lists descriptions of company products and services, business pages, phone calls, working hours, pictures, reviews, and links to company websites on Google Maps.

For you to use GMB, you must “stick” to your business. The suggested conversion summary section is another important place to identify keywords. However, try using a local keyword phrase such as “X City Hair Salon.”

Comments are also important. The goal is to publish as many positive comments as possible. People who do more business with the Internet without communicating with the company are a valuable way to assess whether someone should work for business or purchase. Internet users who purchase first-time purchase will automatically read comments about the company.

  • Produce standardized, optimized content

Although it is good to include keywords in URLs, titles, metadata, and images used on each page of the site, blogs that post new content are good places to execute keywords. Search engines are also searching for new content, providing users with useful information they are looking for. Blog posts provide users with relevant, informative and interesting content and locations where you can search for keywords and contacts. On-going blogs also show users and search engines that you are a reliable and reliable source of information to help you significantly improve your search results.

Your blog should be written so that it is easy to read and understand, and does not include spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and should include messages or communicate with readers. When you’re blogging, you need to know a few things, including links and purchases, passwords, and plagiarism. Add relevant links to your blog posts from other trusted sites, don’t use too many keywords, and make sure your blog content is 100% unique and original. Website and search engine visitors will thank you.

  • Share your knowledge through guest blogging

By sending a guest, writing a blog and then posting it on another website. This is a great way to make a big impact on your blog and more website visits. If your blog post is posted on a well-known website in your industry, the credibility and reputation of the site will be a driving force for search engines that will be able to pay for advanced search results for your site.

Ideally, guests should send two ways to send their blogs on their website by agreeing to send other people’s blogs to their website. This is the best and most ethical way to communicate.

  • Improve the speed of your website

Network users are waiting for what they are looking for. They won’t wait a few minutes to upload the site. Instead, they immediately went to another website. Search engine robots also use the speed of your website in search results. Here are some ways to improve your site’s ability to find images and videos, remove unnecessary additions and scripts, and reliable websites.

  • Optimize your image

While most site visitors see your photos without any problems, blind and search engine users don’t see them. A search engine is a computer that reads only text and numbers. Blind guests can describe them as read. For anyone using the ALT logo, including search engines, see a picture on the website. These are a short description of a few words that describe the description of the image. It is a good idea to apply keywords in the ALT description. By using descriptive ALT keywords, your website is more relevant to search engines.

SEO activities on your business website can greatly increase your business and prospects. It can be boring and it takes time to see the progress made on the search results pages list. The search algorithms or algorithms used by robots often change, so it is important to constantly monitor and continuously adjust your SEO strategy.

Although sound SEO practices are good and easy to apply, the challenges can be complex. SEO is not a “complete” thing. It takes years of constant maintenance and business. For many SMEs, it may be larger than they can, but they also try to manage the company’s daily activities. As a result, many people decide to hire an experienced external digital marketing company


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